Protecting and passing on the fruits of one’s labour and success are the main goals of wealth management..

The aim of portfolio management is to protect and grow the financial assets held. At Seven Wealth Management, the wealth management arm of Seven Capital Management, we build portfolios to manage your financial assets. To create and manage these portfolios, Seven Wealth Management calls on the experience of Seven Capital Management, which manages SICAVs (equity funds, diversified funds) with a management process based on liquidity and risk management.

Our strength lies in our experience, the rigorous processes that we have developed, and our attentive approach. The portfolios that we build are adapted to your investment horizon and to the objectives that you assign us:

  • capital security and availability;
  • income generation;
  • protection of capital from monetary depreciation;
  • dynamic return on investment. 
  • even Capital team members have come from the trading floors of major international banks, and are highly specialised in financial markets and risk management. Through their extensive experience of the markets and risk management, they have encountered many different environments and complex situations, and are particularly qualified to help you build your portfolio.

    Seven Capital Management is authorised by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission in Luxembourg (CSSF).

    We are supported by esteemed, reliable partners: even Wealth Management has opened investment mandate securities accounts with CIC for independent account keeping. Pour les investissements en assurance vie, For life insurance investments, Seven Wealth Management uses leading companies such as AXA Wealth Europe in Luxembourg. Seven Wealth Management is authorised to manage all types of securities account and life insurance mandates.