A rigorous approach to risk management

The portfolios that we build for our clients rely on Seven Capital Management’s expertise in the construction and management of core portfolio funds. The main feature of these funds is the innovative way in which closer attention is paid to risk management, which could mean they are completely divested from asset classes judged too high-risk. Seven Capital’s track record illustrates the funds’ capacity to emerge from the numerous financial crises that have occurred since 2007. We also focus on liquidity as this is one of the biggest hidden market risks, of which investors are not always fully informed. To reduce this risk and let you recover your assets at any time, we invest only in highly liquid, transparent products.

An innovative approach

Given their strength, Seven Capital funds are used as the main frame of the portfolios that we build for our clients. We then add external funds to the “primary” portfolios to raise performance and provide exposure to asset classes to which Seven Capital funds are not themselves exposed (e.g. gold). To do this, we carry out an in-depth quantitative analysis along with historical and statistical simulations to determine the best combination of all funds for meeting the portfolio’s needs.

Bespoke management

Through this approach, we are able to provide robust, efficient portfolios capable of tackling difficult market conditions, the features of which are known in advance. This allows us to offer a tailored service and work with you to build individual solutions that reflect your objectives, investment horizon and appetite for risk as closely as possible.

Responsible investment

Aware of the impact that finance has on society and the environment, we act as a positive force. All Seven Capital Management funds (which form the bulk of your portfolios) use non-financial criteria (environmental, social and governance – ESGSRI) in their management process and comply with the ESG charter drawn up for this purpose.